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Three Weeks this Summer

Last year, talent came in from all over Florida, California, Tennessee, & Nebraska.


CASTING:  New characters will be added to the show. All ages and types may submit. Send Headshot & Resume to We will notify you with casting calls.

NEW TALENT:  For those with no significant experience acting for screen, you may submit a Close-up Picture and a resume of your theatre experience. We offer training as part of our production week. Ask for details.

Five Time Jr. Emmy Award Winner for Best Child Actress, who better to star in a series for a network whose purpose is to help overcome childhood obstacles? The cast of “Father Knows Best” was a more stable family to Lauren than her own family. Her father sexually abused her and her mother was an abusive alcoholic. Once the show ended, her stage family was gone and she became a wreck. She married at age 16, was divorced at 18, became a drug addict, and was sent to a psychiatric institution after she attempted suicide. In her tell-all book Father Does Know Best – The Lauren Chapin Story, she shares the circumstances that turned her life around. "E! True Hollywood Stories" presented a two-hour special on Lauren's life and won ratings higher than any of their shows produced to date. Her work in recent years has brought her back into the public light on such shows as "The Today Show", "Entertainment Tonight", "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "The Late, Late Night Show", "Regis and Kathy Lee Show"and she hosted a 7 hour marathon on The Family Channel for Father's Day with the stars of "Father Knows Best"!


ALBERT: Liam Eubanks ANASTASIA: Anna Grace Gibson ANNA: Anna Grace Broome BUD'S BROTHER: Mika Oglesby BUD'S MOM: Sandra White CABRINA: Madison Green CAFE CASHIER: Trecia Livingston CAFETERIA ASSISTANT: Macie Morgan CAMILLA: Lily Lesperance CARMELLA: Cheyenne McGory CHRISTOPHER: Christopher Pratten CHUCK: Chuck Fonshell COLETTE'S MOM: Kristen von dem Bussche COLIN: Colin Broome DRUSILLA: Sara Watson ISABELLA: Elle Gabriel IVANNA: Jeskaly Negron JADEN: Jaden Broome JASMINE: Sophia Lee CUSTOMER: Deborah Fry JORDAN: Nick Metellus KRISTI: Connie Brandstetter MATT: Joshua Martin MIA: Gabriela Gothard MICHELLE: Michelle Hart MR. BOROWSKI: David Vogel MR. PERDUE: Jonathan Yaskoff MR. PERDUE (Brother): Michael Blank MR. PERDUE'S ASSISTANT: Karyn Kraf MR. PETERSON: Lloyd Beale MRS. JOHNSON: Denise Durette OLIVIA: Kiara Monreal OTIS: Donny Watrous POLICE OFFICER: John Hammack MR. HAVABIGASANDVIC: Jorge Diaz SCHOOL CAMERAMAN: Elijah Whitaker SCARF DANCER: Alexa Obregon STUDENT: Kacey Fry STUDENT'S SISTER: Jessie Fry STUDENT on BUS: Michael Hickey SWIMMERS IN LAKE: Meg, Tia,
& Amy Mummau TABITHA: Yasmine Klein TIANA: Zylah Metellus VANESSA: Ansley Owens Featuring “Beyond Chaotic” ALEXANDRA: Alexandra Karafilis CADE: Cade Hamilton DEVON: Devon Bilek DOMINIC: Dominic Fusco MAX: Max Karafilis MOUSE TRAP RUNNERS: Eva Sanders, Lauren Brumbelow, & Morgan Heiler

summer production weeks


In Leading Role

STARRING: Lauren Chapin as Mama Bev

ANGELA: (Valerie's Mom) Tiffini Gothard ARIA: Tanju Kahveci BRIAN: Matthew Kosto BUD: Zach Robbins CEDRIC: Trey Leverett COLETTE: Aubrey von dem Bussche EDDIE: Eddie Korba ERICA: Kailey Albert GINA: Gillian Dittmer JAKE: Jackson Tessmer JESSICA: Alanis Sophia JOEY: David Bolinger MARGARET: Courtney Dakota MARVIN: Colten Pack MOLLY: Cadence Bambrey-Zedd NICOLE: Alexa Gray OLIVER: Leighton Spillane RUSTY: Liam McGill SEAN: Dean Nordstedt TIMOTHY: Michael Ross THOMAS, The Brain: Niko Fowler TODD: Alex Smith VALERIE: (The Rich Girl) Leah Jackson ZOE: Alexandra Macelli


Aaryn Desire, Abby Mulligan, Alana Desire, Alexandra Burke, Alysa Osterman, Amy Dukeshire, Amy Smith, Andrea Sitko, Anthony Vasquez, Antonine Maricel , Aryana Sorensen, Aryannah Desire, Ava Stanziano, Avery Bixler, Ayana Sorenson, Basma Alotuibi, Bella Blackman, Bella Paraiso, Brady Williams, Brenda Geanakos, Brittany Clark, Brooke Thomas, Byron Carter, Cady Arvanno, Caleb Givens, Caleb Stanziano, Calianna Care , Charlize Washington, Christina Care, Christopher Pratten, Cindy Karafilis, Cristian Sanchez, Dan Smith, Danielle Care, Doriangel Fuchs, Elliott Rusoff, Emily Hart, Eva Coleman, Eva Sanders, Francesca Sadek, Gabriel Ramos, Geoffrey Torkelson, George Oregon, Gisella Rodriquez, Giulia Soares, Grace Pratten, Hadley Linne, Hailey Hart, Hope Wickner, Hunter Collis, Ja'den Fountain, Jack Bankston, Jacob Dickas, Jacqueline Martinez, Jaida Leigh Miller, Jeremy Kleckner, John Geanakos, Jonus Goldstein, Josh Zedd, Joshua Osterman, Joshua Pratten, Josiah Washington, Jude Smith, Julianna Stegner, Justin Martinez, Kaitlyn Pratten, Katherine Wurst, Kayla Amaral, Keely Bambrey-Zedd, Kiley Shaffer, Kinsey Clark, Kip LeBlanc, Kyra Johnson, Lacey Care, Laura Coleman, Lauren Brumbelow, Leila Flores , Lucas Holbrook, Luke Pratten, Mackensey Pacheco, Madison Cruz, Mariah Mock, Matthew Hart, Micaela Moore, Michael Cote, Michelle Obregon, Morgan Heiler, Mya Renfoure, Nabil Alali, Natalie Basalyga, Olivia Smith, Owen Christiansen, Peyton Ziegler, Presley Fitts, Quint Knowlton, Rain Washington, Roxane Gabriel, Sara Martin, Sarah Williams, Savanna Care, Sawyer Jones, Seba Alali, Shannyn Allen, Shirley Rusoff, Sophie Roemhildt, Sydney Maybin, T.J. Johnson, Tanner Martin, Taylor Collis, Taylor Martin, Tevin Brown, Tirzah Mosley, Travis Martin, Trevor Wesley, Tyrus Ferguson, Valeria Martinez, Wendy Stanziano, & Yasmin Alali

Lauren played “Kitten” on the hit TV series “Father Knows Best" and will play the bus driver. Her character will become a surrogate mother to the kids and their anchor during turbulent times.


ABBEY: Karis Kraf AIDAN: Aidan Kraf BENJAMIN: Jeremy Watkins BUD'S BULLY FRIEND: Rabih Dakhlallah COACH JOHNSON: Walter Briggs EMMA: Myleigh Oglesby ETHAN: Jack Caffey HAZEL: Ajhani Burgess JEFF: Lucas Brown JOSEPH PETERSON: Lloyd Beale KHLOE: Lydia Kraf LANCE: Peter Gasparini LAYLA: Makena Oglesby LINDSEY: Katie McGill LIZA: Melanie Rusoff NATALIE: Hannah Hockman ZACK: Gabe O’Reilly

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