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NEW After School Program

Dayspring Academy Charter School

New Port Richey, Florida

Starting Feb. 23

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On Set Club members create their

own character, then we write the

story customized just for them.

" What would happen if a group of kids got

everything they wished for even if one

person’s wish contradicted the others? "


Acting coaches have always said actors learn so

much more on set filming. Before young actors can

ever get a series part in a project, they need

training and practice performing on camera, hitting their mark, keeping continuity, staying in frame, concentrating on a busy set, taking direction,

adapting to changes in a scene, and not choke up

when it's time for their close-up with 15 takes on just

one line. You laugh? It happens all the time!

Get IMDb Credit


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Get the "On Set" and "On Camera" experience you need to perfect your skills as an actor, writer, and filmmaker.

You've taken acting classes and gone to workshops, now it's time to put your valuable training into action in our ON SET CLUB.  Everyone begs for more "on set" experience. A lot can be learned from involvement in every aspect of production. We are not an acting  school, but a laboratory to put into action what you have learned. Our purpose is to give members the practice they need to hone their craft and raise the bar in performance and production.

Actors film scenes as if they being were being filmed in a movie. This will be a great exercise for Directors and Cinematographers, as well. They can use the scenes as a sample of their work.

"Thank you for all your hard work, your patience, and your kindness with working with [our son]. He is better at what he does because of what you taught him! So grateful being part of this!"  (E-mail from Parent whose son was able to build a reel from our show and gotten cast as a regular on a new TV series and more)

"We booked a movie this summer! You guys are doing a great job. We were in Big Promise Studios before school let out. What you guys are doing, it works!  Brad is awesome. All of his classes and all of his tips and everything, listen to them, because they work. We gained so much set experience."  (Brother & Sister who are continuing to be cast in films and TV)

    - Working on Camera
    - Hitting your mark
    - Working within

       the frame
    - Continuity
    - Taking Direction
    - Character Arch

       & Pacing
    - Script Breakdown
    - Being Adaptable

- Screenwriting Guidance
- Creative Sessions
- Script Formatting
- Access to Writer’s


- Pre-production Guidance
    - Script Breakdown
    - Location Scouting
    - Auditioning
    - Planning Set Decor,
      Props, Wardrobe, &
- Production Guidance
    - Set Dressing
    - Lighting the Scene
    - Camera Angles,
       Movement, &

    - Sound Techniques
    - Working with Actors
- Post Production
    - Editing Techniques
    - Sound FX
    - Music