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A Fun Time of Learning

While Filming Scenes

Our On Set Club and Summer Camps

trains actors all the essentials needed

for performing on camera plus develop

their creative skills to add greater

dimension to their character.

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Acting coaches have always said actors learn so

much more on set filming. Before young actors can

ever get a series part in a project, they need

training and practice performing on camera, hitting

their mark, keeping continuity, staying in frame, concentrating on a busy set, taking direction,

adapting to changes in a scene, and not choke up

when it's time for their close-up with 15 takes on just

one line. You laugh? It happens all the time!

On Set Club Films

Student Films Created & Produced by


What makes our On Set Club Films unique is the actor creates the character they have always wanted to play

and we write the story around that. Most films are

written and the actors audition and just hope they get

a part even close to what they want. These films are designed to showcase our students.

Get the "On Set" and "On Camera" experience you need to perfect your skills as an actor, writer, and filmmaker.

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You've taken acting classes and gone to workshops, now it's time to put your valuable training into action in our ON SET CLUB.  Everyone begs for more "on set" experience. A lot can be learned from involvement in every aspect of production. We are not an acting school, but a laboratory to put into action what you have learned. Our purpose is to give members the practice they need to hone their craft and raise the bar in performance and production.